Driven by a desire for luxe swimwear that's not harming the Earth in the process and not killing our wallets, Seven Swim is luxury, the perfect fit, sustainability and affordability: basically the best damn bikini you'll ever wear.

Founded in 2016 by Florida native Hannah Hayes, Seven Swim is made with the highest quality material and timeless fits to ensure your bikini lasts through all of your adventures.

Sustainability is Sexy

Every little bit counts in us being more sustainable as individuals and as a community, and that includes the bikinis we buy. All Seven bikinis are made out of a revolutionary eco-friendly fabric called Amni Soul-Eco. This amazing material is one of the first of it's kind and is a landmark in sustainable fashion. Using eco-friendly material reduces the environmental footprint of the company and customers.

PETA Certified

Want an extra little fun fact? All of the scrap materials from our factory are used to make dog beds for local dog shelters in Brazil!

PETA has certified the factory as cruelty free and vegan because of the amazing work they do for their local animal community.

Because dog's are a bikini babe's best friend

Made by Women, for Women

Not only are we a completely female owned and operated company, but our factory is also female owned and run with a 100% female staff. Women are sorely under-represented in the fashion industry. The leader of many popular brands and fast fashion conglomerates are men even though the majority of their customers are female. It's part of our mission to give as many women a chance in the fashion industry as possible. 

All styles fit perfectly on top or right around your hips and feel like a second skin. The simple designs and super soft material we use make the bikinis perfect for any activity. From surfing and swimming to laying by the pool, our swimwear is designed to never ever give you an uncomfortable wedgie or elastic burn! Like that perfect pair of underwear you don't even notice is there. For sizing help, you can go to Size Guide to find you perfect size.